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Domiciliary Care During Covid 19

By Bill Murray
September 24, 2020

Domiciliary Care During Covid 19

How Care in my home continues to provide safe, high quality care during the pandemic.

If you need urgent care for a family but have been hesitant because you’re not sure how care at home works during a pandemic, or your family member already receives care from us and you’re wondering how we are caring for them during lockdown, we’re pleased to say that we are still providing the highest quality of care with the minimum disruption to our clients.

Continuity of Care

Because we believe in continuity of care, each of our service users already have a team of carers and each visit is always by a carer they know. We are now able to ensure that our client is seen consistently by the same carers on each visit to reduce contact points and if one of those carers has to self isolate at short notice then another member of our clients care team will take their place at the care call.


All our carers have been provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and will attend each appointment with a mask, plastic apron, gloves and eye protection to protect from spillages. The carers have also been trained on the safe removal of the PPE which is double bagged and disposed of after every appointment.


All equipment used in your home is thoroughly cleaned before and after use by our carers and any equipment we bring into the home will be cleaned and decontaminated after every use. All waste will be disposed using the double bagging method to minimise cross infection and laundry can still be washed by our carers following specific rules to stop a potential virus becoming airborne.

All our carers will perform hand washing immediately before every care call and after any activity or contact that potentially results in their hands becoming contaminated. Our carers are instructed to wash their uniform separately at the end of each day on a high heat wash.

Extra Care

For those of our clients who are shielding we are able to offer additional services such as shopping and companionship calls. We understand how lonely it can be for our clients when their family are unable to visit so all our carers are encouraged to assist our carers with phone, facetime and skype calls to their family and friends and to encourage our clients to undertake simple exercises to keep them mobile.

Caring for our carers

Finally, while our carers are providing excellent care for our clients, we’re caring for our carers by providing them with remote support throughout the day to let them know how valued and appreciated they are.

We’re immensely proud of our carers and the work they are doing in this challenging time. The way we care may have changed but our standards haven’t!