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We are looking for care assistants in worthing


Care assistant jobs are perfect for you if you have a caring personality and you are concerned about the well-being of others. By choosing to work as a care assistant in social care you can seek a career making a difference in people’s lives. This gives you a solid foundation for your future career. Also, caring allows you to meet new people in the area where you live. As well as by meeting your new clients, you’ll be a part of a larger team of carers and healthcare professionals you can get to know. If you want to get out and about more where you live, being a carer offers the ideal opportunity to become active in your community.


Care assistant offer companionship, personal care, and also help with medication. You will be enabling people to remain as independent as possible either as a home care worker, live-in care assistant or in one of our care homes.

care assistant jobs worthing
carer assistant jobs worthing


Care In My Home provides a wide range of care services tailored to a person’s requirements. We provide services like live-in care, elderly care, palliative care, regular care, respite care and elderly care. We pride ourselves in putting the other person first, and fully understanding the needs of each individual, also ensuring a good fit between the care assistant and client at all times.


There will always be full support for the service you provide, from our regional offices to your fellow care staff. We offer our clients the best care that we are so highly regarded for. We received excellent ratings from the care services we provide. Our team also provides you with full training so that you are equipped with nationally recognised qualifications as you embark upon, and progress your career in the same field.

Why work with us?


You are paid well for the care assistant job. We pay our carers as much as we understand how demanding the work can be.


You will be paid weekly to help with your cash flow. We will also provide you with proper accommodation and food whilst in your placement.


We will arrange for you to have some free training courses for new carers because of our connections and refresher training for all of our home carers.


We provide a flexible work schedule which can be tailored around your commitments so you can work according to your convenient time.


Within our community of carers, you can share life and experiences of social care and gain support in different areas you may need.


When you join us, you will be able to use our technology to help you keep on top of your list and give you all the facilities you need to make your care job simply about caring.

Become a care assistant

What is the role of care assistant?

The primary role of a care assistant is to assist elderly or disabled people with practical tasks that they cannot manage themselves or may they need encouragement to complete work independently. These tasks include helping with washing, bath or showers, dressing or may include other activities.


Due to the various nature of the role, care assistants have to perform a wide range of activities depending on the requirements and interests of vulnerable people. The responsibilities of these people especially varied when providing live-in care

care assistant job description

  • Support worker: Support and encourage clients to participate in social and recreational activities
  • Personal care: It includes washing, personal hygiene, dressing and assisting with meals
  • Caregiver: Assist in the safe lifting, transferring, repositioning and movement of clients
  • Medical support: Accompany clients to medical appointments


  • Careinmyhome helped my mother stay at home rather than the care home as this was her preference. The carer they introduced me to was such a nice lady who went out of her way for my mother.
  • Careinmyhome helped my mother stay at home rather than the care home as this was her preference. The carer they introduced me to was such a nice lady who went out of her way for my mother.
    Joanne D

Frequently Asked Questions About Care assistant Jobs

How to become a care assistant?

If you think a career in care is for you, Care in my home offers a comprehensive training programme that ensures you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to find a job as a carer. Please visit our jobs and careers page for live care assistant jobs openings or get in touch to find more about us.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a carer?

Care can be an extremely rewarding field to do work in. It provides opportunities every day to help in improving people’s standards of living. Care assistants work on the frontline of care delivery, helping individuals to overwhelm the everyday difficulties they face. Clients for care assistants jobs can include the disabled, elderly, long-term illness, and many more things, so roles can be extremely varied and every day is different.

What does a care assistant do in a care home?

A care assistant needs to be practical and responsible enough to find efficient solutions for everyday problems faced by them. They must also have the understanding and sensitivity to perform tasks without causing their clients any discomfort, protecting the prominence of any client is an absolute necessity. A care assistant jobs also provide emotional support by giving company to them, getting to know them and talking to them on daily basis. 

What are some of the particular challenges people thinking about a career as a Care Assistant need to keep in mind?

There are many challenges within the care work, not just amiable hours 24/7, 52 weeks a year, but in some situations there is less than perfect, satisfying the demands of every vulnerable person, who may also be suffering from ill-health both mentally and physically, and are often very frail. Without a doubt, working in the aged care or live-in care sectors can become an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career. However, it does come with its different challenges whether it’s physically and emotionally.