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We are looking for senior care assistants in west sussex


A senior care assistant advertises roles within social care, care homes and community care. Also, he/she should bring a great deal of compassion, patience and dedication to the role and the patient. Their day-to-day duties could include supervising a team of care assistants, writing and maintaining care plans, developing and leading activities for service users, giving training and mentoring to new staff and many other things. 


Being a senior care assistant can be a very rewarding experience, as it is a ‘people-facing’ profession. There is no doubt, the job can be demanding and you might be challenged with difficult situations. For instance, facing a terminal ill patient, where you need to act with sympathy, decorum and compassion.



It takes a very special and dedicated person to become a senior care assistant. It is physically and emotionally demanding but with the job satisfaction that you will get, it will make the job worth it. With the qualifications that you have and the experience that you will gain during your time as a senior care assistant, it will give you good opportunities to climb the career ladder in the care industry. The benefits of being a care assistant are:

  • A person should have an excellent career progression
  • Supported internal care worker training
  • Free meals on full shifts
  • Long service bonus

Why work with us?


You are paid well for the senior care assistant job. We pay our senior carers as much as we understand how demanding the work can be.


You will be paid weekly to help with your cash flow. We will also provide you with proper accommodation and fulfil your every need.


You could start as a care assistant and move into a senior role through further training and promotion.


We provide a flexible work schedule according to your conditions so you can tailor around your commitments and work according to your convenient time.


Within our community of expert carers, you can share life and experiences of social care and gain support in different areas you may need.


When you join us, you will be able to use our technology to help you to rank on top of your list and give you all the facilities you need to make your care job simple about caring.

Become a Senior care assistant

What is the role of senior care assistant?

The role of being a senior carer is an important role within working in health & social care management. You will lead, develop and coordinate a team of care workers to give the highest standards of respect and care as a senior carer in West Sussex. You need to be a good team leader, communicator, listener, to be focused, dedicated and reliable. Some roles & responsibilities as a carer in West Sussex will include:

  • Assisting with the activities of daily living and personal care
  • Supervising a team of carers, providing support and assistance when needed
  • Complete reviews and assessments on Service Users as and when required
  • Reporting any issues to the management team

senior care assistant job description

  • To act as a role model for all staff in the unit
  • To make sure that every staff member on the unit is included in the team
  • To work constantly with new staff members during their induction period
  • To allocate tasks, sometimes daily and to ensure they are carried out properly


  • Careinmyhome helped my mother stay at home rather than the care home as this was her preference. The carer they introduced me to was such a nice lady who went out of her way for my mother.
  • Careinmyhome helped my mother stay at home rather than the care home as this was her preference. The carer they introduced me to was such a nice lady who went out of her way for my mother.
    Joanne D

Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Care assistant Jobs

What is a senior care assistant?

Senior care assistants are those who supervise a team of care assistants and take care of every small thing. They ensure the individual needs of service users are met, providing opportunities for individuals to use their skills and enhance their quality of life, whilst maintaining their independence and privacy.

What skills do you need to become a healthcare assistant?

Healthcare assistants should have the following skills:

  • A caring nature
  • An open mind
  • The desire to work with people of all generations and from all backgrounds
  • Good communication skills
  • Good listening skills
  • The ability to keep sensitive information confidential
  • A respectful approach to patients and colleagues
  • The ability and desire to take own initiative whilst knowing their limitations

How to become a senior care assistant?

Senior care assistant provides physical as well as emotional support to individuals and supervises teams of care assistants. To become a care assistant, you need a background in health care. Though a college degree is not usually required, you must have work experience with the elderly or in a caregiving setting. Many people in this career go on to earn at least an associate’s degree in nursing.

Difference between a carer and a health care assistant?

Since the nature of both roles overlaps, it’s hard to create separation between the two – which is where we come in. In the ‘care assistant’ sector, we advertise roles within social care, care homes and community care. In the ‘healthcare assistant’ sector the roles are more clinical hospital-based HCA and clinical support workers.